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About harmonious


There are three types of harmony:

  1. Hello, hello, hello everyone
  2. Your good + my bad = our harmony
  3. There is no good or bad, only peace

The first kind of harmony is the harmony recognized by most people, although it can easily turn into self-deception, allowing disharmonious energy to accumulate in silence.

The second kind of harmony is the art of balance. There is conflict and peace. Disharmonious energy is released in conflict and then “returns” to peace. But this peace is also an illusion, because peace is only part of the cycle and conflict is inevitable.

The third harmony has always existed and has been ignored because it is eternal. Sunlight, air, rain and dew, regardless of whether they are good or bad, use their respective abilities to maintain the harmony of the world.

When you are pursuing harmony, Please remember to confirm which one you are pursuing?

Don’t expect the first kind of harmony to be as peaceful as the second and third kind of harmony.

Don’t expect the second to achieve the peace of the third.

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