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FaasJS updates: new official website, full-stack framework integration with Nuxt, local mock server and more


New official website


The new official website includes a quick start guide as well as framework configuration and official plug-in usage guides.

Integrate full stack framework with Nuxt

FaasJS itself is a back-end development framework based on Serverless, but in actual development scenarios, we mostly interact with various front-ends, so I chose Nuxt, the front-end framework that I personally think is the most useful in the Vue ecosystem, for integration. Thus, a simple and easy-to-use full-stack development framework can be formed with the structure of front-end Nuxt + back-end FaasJS.

In Nuxt, developers can simply use this.$faas (cloud function name, parameters) to simulate calling cloud functions locally.

Local simulation server

In addition to integrating with Nuxt, we will also need to develop non-Web front-end projects such as applets. At this time, you can use the local simulation server through a simple command line:

 yarn server

To start a local simulation server and cooperate with other non-Web front-end frameworks, such as uni-app, wepy, App side, etc.

And more

For more content and details, please visit the official website: https://faasjs.com.

If you have any questions, please leave a message or raise an issue on Github.

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