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FaasJS, a serverless application framework that you can get started with in one minute, is now in public beta!


I have been hearing about Serverless for a long time, and I have simply created a few cloud functions in the backend of the cloud service provider, but I still don’t know how to use Serverless to build a business system?

That’s because there is currently a lack of serverless application framework, and FaasJS was born for this.

It contains the following features:

In order to help you get started and understand FaasJS quickly, I have prepared three tutorials. You can take advantage of the National Day holiday to spend 30 minutes to learn and understand what it is like to develop a business system with Serverless:

“Get started in 1 minute"

"Deploy to Tencent Cloud in 2 Minutes"

"Develop registration and login function in 5 minutes”

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