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A quick overview of FaasJS recent updates


Today, the documentation of FaasJS has been updated, adding a lot of recent updates.

Although the official account is rarely updated because I am busy with work, if you follow the Changelog of the FaasJS official website or watch the faasjs/faasjs project on Github, you will find that updates are still relatively frequent.

So I suggest you watch this project (^U^)ノ~YO

Let’s first select a few key updates and briefly explain them:

  1. Added @faasjs/graphql-server, built based on Apollo Federation and supporting Apollo Gateway.
  2. Added @faasjs/typeorm, now you can use TypeORM in FaasJS!
  3. Added @faasjs/cos-secrets, a key management solution based on object storage, which is equivalent to a simplified version of k8s ConfigMap & Secrets.

Smart students should have figured out from 1 and 2 what I have been doing recently. Yes, I am building a Typed Services based on FaasJS and using GraphQL to communicate between Services. The reason why GraphQL was chosen is that its strong typing and ease of use make it very suitable as a communication specification between services, and frameworks like Apollo also provide a wealth of easy-to-use tools and a good ecosystem.

There are still many imperfections in this plan. As the level of perfection increases, I will share the specific plan with you simultaneously.

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