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FaasJS is now open for sponsorship


I woke up this morning and found that FaasJS’s Github Sponsor has been reviewed and can be sponsored.

FaasJS is an atomic application framework based on Typescript.

Its purpose is to make building and extending applications easy and fast.

To achieve this goal, FaasJS adopts a simple and intuitive architecture and pursues an intuitive development experience.

For example, in order to avoid complex and inefficient development and operation and maintenance work under a microservice architecture, FaasJS chose to build applications directly at the function level, that is, Function as a Service (FaaS).

At the same time, in order to manage a large number of functions, FaasJS chose the most concise and intuitive folder format, thus avoiding a large number of complex concepts of traditional MVC applications (such as routing, controllers, modules, etc.), making the application structure clear.

Last year, FaasJS introduced a functional programming style with reference to React hooks, further reducing the concepts that need to be understood for development (that is, the concept of “classes”).

This year, FaasJS will carry out new explorations in integration and businessization, and will also completely rewrite the documentation (the current documentation was basically written three years ago).

Ultimately, I hope FaasJS can become a powerful assistant for your SaaS (Solution as a Service).

Click here to enter the Github Sponsor page of FaasJS, thank you for your attention and support!

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