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New Year greetings and progress report on this year's annual goals


Happy Lunar New Year! Wishing everyone a prosperous Year of the Tiger and good health!

Although the Lunar New Year has just begun, the Gregorian New Year has already passed a month ago. I will briefly report on my current progress:

Technical Goals

Significantly Improve the FaasJS Integrated Development Experience

The newly released @faasjs/ant-design not only provides conventional components such as forms and tables, but also some special components such as Title and Routes for quickly building front-end interfaces and improving development efficiency.

In addition, @faasjs/react not only provides FaasDataWrapper to support server-side data support, but also tries to use Typescript to unify the definition of front-end and back-end interfaces. However, some strange Bugs have been encountered, so it is not recommended to use it for now.

Rewriting FaasJS Documentation

Last month, I tried to optimize and sort out some documents, but the overall feeling was relatively inefficient.

Next, I plan to change my approach to optimizing the documentation, which is to automatically export documentation based on JSDoc and write a large number of usage instructions in code comments. In this way, there can be a complete interface documentation, and at the same time, the actual development experience can be improved. After all, the code prompt function of VS Code is still very easy to use.

Product Aspects

Create a New Note Application

The current progress is the development of a text editor. I have spent a lot of time researching the text editors of various note applications on the market and found that there are three main categories:

  1. Based on Textarea. The advantages are simple and easy to use, and the device compatibility is good. The disadvantage is that it is almost impossible to customize, and for rich text content, it is impossible to see what you get.
  2. Based on Contenteditable. The advantages are strong expansibility and WYSIWYG can be achieved. The vast majority of note applications on the market use this solution. The disadvantage is that the device compatibility is poor, unless a relatively mature library is used.
  3. Virtual rendering. This is the implementation method of most code editors, including VS Code. Because the input and display are completely separated, it has great expansibility, but the disadvantages are high complexity and poor device compatibility.

I plan to use the first scheme, which is based on Textarea. The main reason is that I need this note application to support relatively complex content such as flowcharts. If the WYSIWYG method is used, the editor will be very complex and the user experience may not be better than plain text input.

Extract the Underlying Architecture of the Note Application

This will start after the completion of the note application reaches a certain stage.

Start Writing a Blog Again

This is just the beginning. Next, I plan to write at least one update per week. This week is the fifth week of this year, and I expect to write about 50 blog posts this year.

In addition, the note application will also be directly connected to my blog, so I don’t have to write it twice in different places.

In terms of content, I currently have several directions, so please stay tuned for the next update!

Physical Aspects

Squat and Deadlift Reach a Stable 100kg per Set

After I get my driver’s license, I will start learning and preparing for the fitness trainer’s exam while improving the professionalism of my training plan.

Resume BJJ Training

I have made an appointment for a BJJ trial class after the New Year, and I will gradually resume training.

Financial Aspects

Increase Diversified Investment Attempts

I have tried some new channels, but investment mainly relies on time to make money, so I am still in the construction and exploration stage.

Travel Aspects

Get Driver’s License

I am currently learning Subject 3 and expect to get my driver’s license by March at the latest.

Short Self-Driving Tour

Start after I get my driver’s license.

The above is a summary of my current progress. I hope it can inspire or help you.

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