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Everything Everywhere All at Once: Can we stop fighting?


I watched “Everything Everywhere All at Once” a few days ago. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in recent years, bar none.

I particularly like the plot arrangement of this movie, especially after all the difficulties and obstacles in the early stage, there is a perfect ending that breaks the traditional “good guys defeat the bad guys” style.

The ending of the film begins with the protagonist’s husband facing the enemy’s siege and shouting: “Can we stop fighting?”

Except for the protagonist’s husband, everyone in the film lacks love, and everyone is trapped in their own predicament. So they use flight or fight to cope with the lack of love.

Finally, to the accompaniment of Beethoven’s “Moonlight”, the husband makes the protagonist realize that in addition to seeing others as enemies who need to be defeated, he can also build a relationship by seeing others as people who are trapped and asking for help, and by helping them get out of trouble. A better future.

Since we were in school, we have been taught that we must face competition, dare to compete, and enjoy competition.

Competition requires a sense of offense and defense, always being in a state of tension, facing and even creating endless difficulties, overcoming obstacles, and going further and further in the cycle of “self-deprecation -> self-expansion”.

In the end, a social status quo has been formed in which everyone becomes more tired and lonely as they live.

This movie gave an inspiration: “Can we stop fighting?”, “Yes, we can!”.

”But how?”

Step one: Make yourself aware that the predicament you are in is not necessary.

Step 2: Get yourself out of the situation.

Step 3: Help others realize their own predicament and provide necessary help to those who are willing to get out of it.

Are you living in a difficult situation? What concepts are causing your predicament?

May love be with you.

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