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Reading Apps That I Often Use


Since the city has been locked down, I have had a lot of free time, which I have been using to read leisurely books to pass the time.

Today, I would like to recommend some reading channels that I personally use and recommend.

1. Dedao

My first recommendation is Dedao. I like to flip through different books and read them at random, so Dedao’s e-book membership is my favorite.

As long as you buy an e-book membership, you can read most e-books for free. Some of them can also be read aloud, but only at a maximum of 2 times the speed (I like to listen to books when I go for walks).

Compared to Kindle’s e-book membership, Dedao’s e-book membership covers more new books, and Dedao’s full-site search function can directly search the full text of e-books, which is very practical.

2. Kindle

My second recommendation is Kindle, but Kindle needs to be divided into two parts: the Chinese version and the overseas version.

The main function of the Chinese version of Kindle is to fill in the gaps of books that are not available on Dedao, and all the books in Kindle can be read aloud (and the voice engine is better than Dedao, and the 3 times speed is still clear).

In addition, the same paid books are usually cheaper on Kindle than on Dedao.

Because I use an Android phone, I can install both the Chinese and overseas versions of Kindle at the same time, so I also use the overseas version of Kindle to read English books. (But the overseas version needs to be logged in with an overseas Amazon account).

For English books, I sometimes also buy them through Google Play. Its book library is not exactly the same as Kindle’s, and some books are only available on one side.

3. Readmoo

My third recommendation is Readmoo, which is mainly used to buy traditional Chinese books and subscribe to electronic magazines. In addition, its reading engine seems to be the same as Kindle’s, and it supports full-text 3 times speed reading. However, Readmoo also needs an overseas account to download and use.


By language

Simplified Chinese books: Dedao is the first choice. For books that are not available on Dedao or are more expensive, buy them on Kindle China.

Traditional Chinese books: Readmoo.

English books: Kindle overseas version.

By listening effect

Best: Kindle and Readmoo, both support reading aloud and support clear 3 times speed.

Second best: Dedao, some support reading aloud, up to 2 times speed.

By account location

Chinese mainland: Dedao, Kindle China.

Non-mainland China: Kindle overseas version, Readmoo.

I hope this translation is helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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