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Solving Brain Problems with Mindfulness


The fundamental difference between humans and animals lies in the ability of the human brain to engage in abstract thinking and form consensus based on abstract concepts to guide actions.

However, the brain, like a sharp knife, can dissect the principles of nature and depict a beautiful future, but it can also hurt oneself and others and lead to misfortune.

How to use the brain correctly has always been a missing link in the current education system.

I recently reread “10 Minute Meditation” and realized that mindfulness training might fill this gap.

Modern education has made our brains do various evaluations almost non-stop, and our senses are almost completely surrounded by dense “spitting barrage.”

We seek identity, happiness, or escape from pain in these “barrages,” further and further away from the real sensory experience.

But the brain’s instinct is to constantly collect, analyze, and evaluate various information, just as the heart’s instinct is to keep beating.

What really brings us pain is to identify or deny our own thinking.

And mindfulness is to realize that one’s own thinking is just thinking, just like heartbeat and breathing, is part of the body’s normal function, and occasional heartbeat acceleration or coughing a few times doesn’t mean anything.

Meditation is suitable for both beginners and lifelong training. Its function is to conduct mindfulness training in an environment that is easy to be aware of, to help us grasp the knife of the brain.

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